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IMG_0668My name is David Johnson. I am an experienced Analytics and Business Intelligence professional with over 20 years of development and database experience and over 15 years of Analytics experience – focusing on business and specialty in multi-product engagement relationships. Like many: my love affair with technology started at a very early age: programming in hex (assembly language) on an old Apple IIe. Over the years I have grown through many roles (programmer, DBA, architect, owner of multiple business lines and most currently, as a Director of Analytics). My experience has taught me the economics of the Internet and how it relates to all stakeholders (the customer, the business owner and the engineers making it happen).

To me; Analytics is so much more than the mere parroting of Pageviews and Unique Visitors – it is the quantifiable measurement and marriage of the business needs, the customer journey and the customer relationship. Done well, it will tell you what has worked, what hasn’t and what the outlook is. It is about stimulating an open and productive (data driven) dialogue with all stakeholders. It is about inclusion and promotion – not hoarding data points. The growth in the technology and marketing stack over the past 5 years has opened many doors into the customer experience and made that instantly accessible to all stakeholders. Done well and with forthright and respect, it will facilitate the growth the business. For that is what justifies the role.

In publishing my work for general consumption – it is my sincere hope that it furthers the craft and enhances your business. If you have questions, feel free to drop me a line on linkedin 



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